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Friendship Care & Housing

Mission Statement

Friendship helps people live fuller lives. Our homes and support meet individual needs and create better neighbourhoods to live in. The purpose of the service is to provide support to people with Mental Health needs to enable them to continue living in their own homes.


Friendship Care and Housing have been providing care and housing related support in Birmingham for more than Fifty years. Our Supporting People services are carefully designed to enable people to live as independently as possible. We work constantly to improve our services by involving our
Customers in decision-making. Our training programmes ensure our staff are highly-skilled and up-to-date with the latest best practice, and we are an accredited Investor in People.

Services Provided

Our service provides support with everyday living skills and other matters such as:

Independence and maximising choice and control
Emotional Support
Occasional support to attend appointments
Daily living skills
Housing issues
Neighbour problems
Moving home
Safety and security at home
Repairs and maintenance
Increasing income
Entitlement to benefits
Reducing debt  and managing money
Benefit claims
Finding a job, training course, education, or voluntary work
Accessing religious or leisure activities
Making contact with friends or family
Physical wellbeing
Accessing specialist advise/services i.e. Welfare Rights, drug& alcohol dependency services
Accessing statutory and culturally specific services

Other Services Provided

By Friendship Care and Housing in Birmingham

Floating Support for people with learning disabilities (LDS)
Domiciliary Care Service
Transitional Learning Disability Floating Support Service
Residential care for older people and people learning disabilities
Support to parents and families (Mental Health and LDS)
Mental Health Advocacy
Independent Mental Health Advocacy Service
Carers Support Service for Carers of people with mental health needs

Eligibility Criteria

Individual being referred to service must have a Mental Health diagnosis

Individual Must be willing to accept support

Tasks or services required by each individual satisfy the activities and services as they are defined in the Supporting People eligibility criteria. All assessments are based upon the needs of the individual, level of risk and eligibility under the Supporting People eligibility criteria.

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Partner Organisations

We are committed to working in partnership with other organisations in order to improve our services and to improve the wider mental health sector. We are part of the Strategic Network for Mental Health which is a unique alliance of four medium-sized organisations that have agreed to work as partners, share their experience and resources, and build on their common philosophy and purpose for the benefit of mental health service users across the country.


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