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Mission Statement:

Our Vision
“Promoting and providing high quality support for those experiencing mental distress”

Our Purpose
“We will provide high quality services which range from those that support mental wellbeing and health promotion to those offering a specialist recovery based approach. We will challenge the stigma that surrounds mental distress”. 


Birmingham Mind works with over 900 people with mental health issues throughout Birmingham. Support offered varies from low level, preventative support, to intensive crisis support. The Association is committed to the concept of recovery and aims to develop recovery-based services. To achieve this aim all support is planned and delivered in partnership with service users and in ways, which maximise inclusion into society and enable people to become full citizens.

Birmingham Mind is affiliated to National Mind and is part of National Mind’s programme to assess and continually improve the quality of services provided. However Birmingham Mind is an independent Charity in its own right and is managed by an Executive Committee made up of committed individuals bringing a range of knowledge and skills.  Our turnover is over £6M. We hold a variety of awards including Investors in People, Mindful Employer, National Mind “gold” standard and Charity Commission Kite Mark. We believe in training and development of our staff and have an active staff forum.

We strive to ensure that all of our services are accessible and sensitivity to people from a variety of backgrounds.

Birmingham Mind has a strong ethos of User Involvement. People who use our services are encouraged to get involved on all levels: in their individual support, in the running of the service and within the overall structure of the organisation.

Services Provided

  • Housing related support is offered to enable people to live as independently as possible.
  • 1-1 support is offered via an allocated key worker on an appointment system, 7 days a week, 9am—9pm.  When there is a planned need support can be offered outside of these hours on an occasional basis.
  • The service is funded by Supporting People, who have eligibility criteria.  If you are an adult, have an identified housing related support need and experience mental health problems you could be eligible to receive the service.
  • Housing related support covers the following areas:
  • Help in setting up and maintaining a home or tenancy, safety and security of the accommodation, developing skills and help in accessing other services, support and activities.

The Supporting People Eligibility Criteria can be accessed through the supporting people website

Additional Services

Birmingham Mind provides high quality services in a variety of settings. All our services are carefully vetted by our own monitoring arrangements or external verification. We provide person centred support to enable people to be in control of their lives.

Our services include:

  • Accommodation with support
  • Support in your own home
  • Support in the Community
  • Residential Care
  • Older Adult support

We are pleased that a number of our residential services are rated as excellent by CQC, we have achieved the top standard awarded by National Mind, and have gained PQASSO level one.

The organisation also has the Investors in People Award, is a Mindful Employer and due to the overall excellence of our services we have been awarded the Charity Commission Accreditation mark.

We are by far the largest voluntary sector provider of mental health services within Birmingham and as a consequence have a vast amount of experience within the organisation.

Eligibility Criteria

The service is funded by Birmingham City Council, Supporting People, who have an eligibility criteria explaining what is housing related support.  If you are an adult and have an identified housing related support need and experience mental health problems you are eligible to receive the service.  Where there is an identified housing related support need 16 and 17 year olds will be included as eligible.

The eligibility criteria can be accessed at

Birmingham Mind subcontracts 34,000 hours to Midland Heart, to find out more about their floating support services please visit


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Partner Organisations

We are committed to working in partnership with other organisations in order to improve our services and to improve the wider mental health sector. We are part of the Strategic Network for Mental Health which is a unique alliance of four medium-sized organisations that have agreed to work as partners, share their experience and resources, and build on their common philosophy and purpose for the benefit of mental health service users across the country.


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